About Us

Rina Menashe

Rina Menashe, the owner, was born in Israel and came to the United States in 1996. Rina and her husband have two children: a daughter, Noam, a registered nurse, and a son, Nadav, who is currently in medical school. Rina’s husband, Moshe, is involved in the finance and technical work at the store. Rina’s background is in visual merchandising and store design. Her connection to Israel is always a prominent aspect of her life. Therefore, she desired to find a way to create a business that bridged that gap. The shoe business in Israel is well developed. People in the United States always commented on Rina’s unique shoes and style. This influenced her to create “Switch Shoes” by bringing her love for her country and shoes together. “Switch Shoes” was born in 2006; a majority of the shoes are designed and manufactured in Israel from companies that employ both Palestinians and Israelis (an important fact).

The name “Switch” came from the idea that you must switch your way of thinking and the way you appear to accurately represent yourself. The idea is to not be afraid to think out of the box and be unique.

In 2010, Rina expanded “Switch Shoes” into “Switch Shoes and Clothing” by adding another side to the store. Most of the clothing comes from Israel and Europe as well as some local designers. Over the years, Rina has had the opportunity to work with vendors and design custom-made shoes and clothing. Thus, she has very exclusive items at her store. The merchandise we stock is known for being unique, timeless, comfortable, and versatile. The store also offers unique accessories, including bags, scarves, jewelry, and seasonal items. Rina aims to not sell fashion but to sell a specific style and trend.

The store’s biggest ideology is “life is too short to blend in.”

Switch is also known for its one of a kind customer service and personal shopper atmosphere. Our customers feel comfortable and always say that it feels like their adult playground.

Rina and the Switch team invite you with open arms to come and experience their dedication and playful attitude at Switch Shoes and Clothing.